GVF info

Our company was founded with a passion to create beautiful and high-quality fabrics. With years of experience in the textile industry, we know how important it is to take care of the smallest detail at every stage of the production of knitwear.

For each order is treated individually, and the customer is our partner. Our goal is continuous cooperation with the customer, which is why we take the work seriously and responsibly. We appreciate and like hour customers - they inspire us and mobilize for action. We aren’t afraid of difficult jobs - we see in them the challenges that we want to pursue with passion. We only work with suppliers possessing the appropriate certificates for all its raw materials. We use cotton yarns, polyester, viscose, lycra and other elastomeric yarns. We also knitted organic cotton and bamboo. In our assortment you will find:


Bamboo and organic cotton,

Single mixtures of different yarns,

Fleece with elastomeric yarns, polyester,

Viscose a variety of weights,

Lacoste, the elastomeric yarns,

Dormitory knit with different compositions and textures,

Knitted fancy,

Prints on knitted,

And all kinds of accessories such as:



Pleats and collars.

Produced by us types of knitted are variety of uses in both clothing for a babies, children, youth, and women, men, and in the range of sports and underwear. We offer new products in line with global trends presented in Paris. We pay particular attention to the parameters of knitted fabrics. It is important for us to shrinkage, soft grip and durability and color consistency.


In our company, we are not afraid of innovation. Trying for the best execution of orders we are looking for more modern techniques for making knitted and new raw materials mixtures. We also have permanent contracts with the largest Dye-works in Poland. Over 20 years of experience and excellent results of our business partners make that they are appreciated by many renowned European fashion companies. In the case of knitted fabrics printed have the opportunity to realize their own designs or choose a template from our database of prints. Our products meet all safety and quality standards, which have the necessary certificates. Showcase of our company are all our co-workers, because GVF is, first of all, it creates by people. Good team is the basis of professional and timely execution order. We want every customer to feel confident in placing his order, because of this our sales are always willing to direct contact with you. Understanding the principle that success is only achieved through hard and honest work, we try to do it professionally and responsibly. We are a company producing high quality knitwear. We are flexible such as our knitwear;) We create with passion for passion!